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Where To Find Inspiration For Your High Quality Web Content

With such onus now being placed on the provision of high quality content, website owners are urged to pay more attention and allot greater resources to the development of an efficient content plan. If you’re looking for a way to help improve your search optimisation efforts for 2013 then you should consider introducing your own content marketing plan. Determine the best topics, find reliable and regular sources of information, and then choose the channels that you will use to bring you the greatest possible benefit.

Why Implement A Content Plan?

Google has openly stated for many years that they value quality content above all else but it was 2012 when Webmasters were faced with the harshest penalties yet for serving low quality content. Scraped, mined, duplicate, and thin content was effectively penalised or, at the very least, given less credit than ever before. The end result is a require to add high quality content on a regular basis to your site.

2012 Analytics

The end of the year is the perfect time to take stock and to look at your own past results. Delve into the analytics for your website and consider seasonal and monthly data while looking at which content performed best for you. Which pages led to the most new visitors? Which pages had the best conversion rates? These are all questions that can be answered with your analytics data and put to good use in next year’s content marketing strategy.

Social Network Trends

Be active on social networks like Twitter and Google+ and delve into the information that they offer. Consider what information others are posting and which of this attracts the most shares and the most likes. Don’t simply copy what everybody else is doing; make sure you do it better, more frequently, and tailored to your own followers and website visitors.

There are numerous apps and websites, as well as the social media channels themselves, where you can find information to write about.

Google Alerts And Other Services

The major search engines each have their own new portals and so too do major portals within every industry. Sign up for alerts, pack your RSS reader with useful and relevant websites in your industry, and then sift through the content.

Virtually all websites have social sharing features and you can use this to your benefit because it will help you determine which posts, which articles, and what type of content has performed best for others so that you can improve on this and release your own, better quality equivalent.


There’s information everywhere on every topic and it is your aim, as part of your content marketing strategy, to create compelling and appealing website content. Don’t just find the best quality content but write it and ensure that when others are looking for the best information in your industry, it is your website that they come to first.

Copying, pasting, and spinning alone won’t give you the results you desire – add your own voice, make it unique, and ensure that it is targeted specifically to your own website visitors.

About The Author

Richard Hartley is the senior SEO at Big Red Rocket.

Richard is highly respected in the Digital Marketing Industry and enjoys a long list of loyal clients who operate in competitive areas both in the UK and over seas. Richard oversees a talented team of copywriters, developers and programmers who are all well versed in SEO and Digital Marketing.

Richard can boast a wealth of experience in the professional sector by implementing effective SEO strategies for Solicitor’s Firms, Barristers’ Chambers and Architects.

Despite his busy schedule you can contact Richard at Big Red Rocket by clicking here.

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About the Author

Richard Hartley Richard Hartley is Head of Strategy at the Digital Marketing Agency, Big Red Rocket. Richard is a an expert in Digital Marketing for professional organisations, such as Solicitor's Firms, Barristers' Chambers, Accountants and Architects. He is a key exponent of content driven digital marketing and his commentary work is regularly published under the soubriquet of "wiredbarrister". Richard is a significant, prime mover in Content Driven SEO and specialises in the creation, publication and distribution of content though a number of media channels and social networks; such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Richard has worked for a number of household names and has a loyal band of professional clients who retain his services. Richard can be contacted at Big Red Rocket by calling 0161 410 0351 or your can send an email by clicking here.