Twitter advertising can be considered as part of a social media marketing campaign or by using the dedicated advertising features that one of the world’s largest sites has to offer. The micro blogging platform has become as much a social search site in recent years and now boasts 500 million registered users. It is also responsible for 1.6 billion search queries every day

Twitter; The Hype

The majority of the world’s largest businesses are utilising Twitter in some way and it is not unusual to see major organisations with a number of executives and directors each owning and maintaining their own Twitter account. The site can be used as a means of communicating as well as a method of making new connections and keeping in touch with clients, suppliers, and others.

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Advertising Campaign Management

An advertising campaign utilising Twitter can become all consuming. Not only do you need to register your account, update your profile, and create a good looking profile page, but you also need to manage your messages and contacts, follow relevant people, and tweet and retweet relevant posts. If you don’t have the time to dedicate to these tasks then you may find that you struggle to benefit fully from everything that Twitter has to offer.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can incorporate Twitter as well as a variety of other social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. By utilising these websites you can create a highly targeted and reactive community based around the content and the top of your website. Social media marketing can generate great results but it does require effort and resources.

Big Red Rocket can take on the mantle of managing your social media marketing and help ensure that you get the best results while leaving you free to concentrate on the running of your business.

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