December 26, 2012 Richard Hartley

Strictly Come Google

Although most of the right thinking members of society have been enjoying eating turkey with their families over the Christmas break, some of us have been watching the search engines. I know it sounds sad but that in effect, is what we are paid to do. By us taking the time to keep abreast of the algorithmic changes made by Google and the like, it can well give our clients and readers and advantage when undertaking their digital marketing.

I digress (although it may be the wine) and must bring something to your attention. If like us you have been watching the SERPs over the Christmas break you will have noticed a huge amount of activity in certain sectors. Google has been showing almost hourly changes, some subtle and some dramatic. I know that Google has been voracious in its appetite for anti spamming over the course of 2012 but the way it is ending the year is quite unprecedented. If this recent activity is anything to go by for SEO in 2013 then I will be more than earning my money over the next year.

Here’s hoping that what has happened over the past few days is nothing more than an algorithmic update that has to settle down however, knowing Google like I do we had all better get our tin hats on and prepare for something big.

About The Author

Richard Hartley is a senior SEO at Big Red Rocket.

About the Author

Richard Hartley Richard Hartley is Head of Strategy at the Digital Marketing Agency, Big Red Rocket. Richard is a an expert in Digital Marketing for professional organisations, such as Solicitor's Firms, Barristers' Chambers, Accountants and Architects. He is a key exponent of content driven digital marketing and his commentary work is regularly published under the soubriquet of "wiredbarrister". Richard is a significant, prime mover in Content Driven SEO and specialises in the creation, publication and distribution of content though a number of media channels and social networks; such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Richard has worked for a number of household names and has a loyal band of professional clients who retain his services. Richard can be contacted at Big Red Rocket by calling 0161 410 0351 or your can send an email by clicking here.