January 10, 2013 Richard Hartley

SEO For Mobile And Tablet Devices

Thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices and the advent and boom of tablet devices, website owners are being pushed to find new ways to optimise their sites for such devices in order to benefit from the technologically savvy crowd that use these devices in order to access the Internet, communicate with friends, and perform other online functions. In particular, the addition of touch screen devices and smaller screens has seen some major changes and additions to the web and associated software.

Mobile Internet Usage

More and more people are using Internet connected devices, like smartphones and tablet PCs but also smart TVs and media streamers, in order to access websites and perform online actions. While this is great for the user, after all it means even more methods of accessing the Internet and everything it has to offer, it does raise challenges for the website owner and the online marketer.

One of the first things to remember is that smartphones and tablets are not the same and users do not have the same usage patterns. Similarly, usage patterns and trends with these devices will differ to those experienced with laptops and desktop computers.

Facing Mobile Challenges

There are numerous challenges that await the developer when creating websites for these devices. Not only is the screen typically smaller but some users may have touch screen devices while others use more traditional methods of navigation.

Some devices will automatically change orientation when they are flipped from portrait to landscape and back again. Responsive themes and plugins for platforms like WordPress can help ensure that your website is ready for these challenges.

Assisting Your Visitors

Ultimately, you should remember that your visitors will be facing challenges too. Small graphics and masses of text do not work as well as on mobile devices as they might on a full scale desktop PC. More images will prove more effective and many users use their mobile devices to watch and listen to other forms of multimedia.

Don your digital design and your video editing hats if you want to enjoy the best results from your mobile SEO.

Enjoying The Fruits Of Your Mobile Labour

Also remember that one of the reasons that mobile users access the Internet on their devices is to log on to and regularly use social networks and social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and others. Ensure that you have a strong social media plan and that you integrate your social media profiles into the pages of your site. You can develop a strong and loyal following from the social media sites but, to do this, you do need to encourage them to your pages in the first place and then further encourage them to take part in the discussion that is taking place on your site.

Mobile SEO

Mobile devices raise a whole new range of challenges and difficulties for the website owner and for the online marketer. Whether you are looking for ways to encourage more traffic or generate improved conversion rates there are ways to enjoy these improved results while attracting a considerably larger crowd.

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