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Secrets Of A Successful E Commerce Website

Ecommerce Optimisation

Whether you run a simple three page website or a massive multichannel ecommerce website selling thousands of product n hundreds of categories, you should optimise your website to ensure the best possible results. Not only can you optimise for the benefit of search engines, which will help drive larger numbers of visitors to your site, but you can also optimise for your visitors to help improve conversions, reduce bounce rates, and more.

Use Original Content

Whether you sell your own products or those belonging to others do ensure that you use original content. Duplicate content is a lot more difficult to market, not only with Google but with visitors who have seen it all before. Rewrite descriptions, add reviews, and include category descriptions too.

Add Images And Other Media Liberally

A picture really is worth a thousand words. Your potential shoppers will want to see images to be certain that they are buying what they expect and will get exactly what they are looking for when your products turn up at the door. Video reviews, audio podcasts, and other forms of media can also be included. Use them as liberally as you can, as long as each item offers genuine value.

Consider Plugins For Your Shopping Cart Software

Whether you use Zencart, Magento or an adapted version of WordPress as your shopping cart software, there will almost certainly be some plugins that can enhance the experience your enjoy with that particular piece of software. You can find plugins that enable you to easily cross promote or show enhanced versions of your image gallery to your visitors.

Get Your Readers Involved

Another useful plugin is a review plugin. This allows your customers to review the products they have purchased. Not only does this increase the amount of content a page has and may help drag in longtail searchers but it also turns your customers into brand ambassadors and it makes sure that you always provide a top quality item and service.

Optimise Pages For Humans As Well As Bots

When optimising a website or web page it is easy to get lost in search optimisation. Fortunately, modern optimisation techniques are such that you should be gearing content towards visitors, encouraging high quality editorial links, and performing other tasks that are desirable for humans as well as search engine spiders but don’t stuff keywords and don’t do anything that might ruin your reputation with either the search engines or with your human website visitors.

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