Online Press Releases

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Online Press Releases

There are many forms of online content, ranging from informational article content to press release content. Press releases contain newsworthy content and were once the domain of the offline marketer and public relations expert. Online releases offer exposure for your business, authoritative content to promote your brand, and links from distinguished and high quality web pages.

Newsworthy Content

Press releases can earn you a way onto your competitor websites. They can feature prominently in search engine ranking pages, and they can also be found on major news websites like Google News. Other websites and publications may pick up the content of the press release and use it, giving you further exposure too. However, the press release needs to be very well written and contain newsworthy content.

Big Red Rocket can write high quality press releases ready for submission to help gain exposure and even build links for the important pages of your site.

Quality Content

It is vital that the press release is well written, properly formatted, and written in an appealing manner. Press release websites typically have their own demands when it comes to the format that they are willing to accept and if your release does not match this format then it will be rejected and you will have to amend the content if you wish to have the release accepted. What’s more, different release sites have different formatting requirements.

Big Red Rocket will write your press release in such a format that gives it the greatest chance of being accepted on the largest number of press release repositories.

Links And Reputation

Online press releases can include your contact information. This includes name, address, telephone and even fax number. You can also add a website address and email address; the majority of release repositories will also allow the inclusion of one or two keyword links within the content of the press release. These links can help improve your targeting and your search engine ranking position.

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