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Pay Per Click Advertising

Search engine optimisation is the most commonly discussed form of online marketing while social media marketing and content marketing are two of the more recent techniques to drive traffic. However, Pay Per Click is a highly beneficial means of delivering targeted traffic to the pages of your site. It can be used immediately to drive as much or as little traffic as you require and you can carefully monitor your advertising spend and ensure you’re getting the best possible return on investment.

Immediate Results

One of the greatest benefits of Pay Per Click advertising is that it offers instant results. As soon as your ad is written and you have bid on appropriate keywords you can run your ad and enjoy the benefit of having targeted visitors delivered to your web pages. SEO can take months to deliver similar results and there’s nothing to stop you benefiting from both techniques.

Using Big Red Rocket for your PPC campaign enables you to really hit the ground running. We are experienced in establishing and managing Pay Per Click campaigns so we can have your campaign ready in no time.

Targeted Traffic

Of course, no matter how quickly the traffic is delivered, if it does not convert to visitors then it is useless. With good keyword research and optimisation it is possible to enjoy the best results because you will populate your web pages with highly targeted visitors that are ready to click links make purchase, and hit the contact button.

Big Red Rocket will ensure the use of appropriate and targeted keywords for your marketing campaigns.

Optimising Ads And Landing Pages

Ad copy needs to be compelling. It should use keywords and benefit from other techniques to help qualify leads before they click the link, therefore saving you money and delivering better quality leads. Your landing pages should also be optimised so that they are ready to convert the resulting visitors into paying customers as soon as they are on the pages of your website.

Big Red Rocket can complete keyword research and use these keywords to create compelling copy for your ads and your landing pages.

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