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On Page SEO Means More Than Writing High Quality Content

Search engine optimisation continues to evolve. Search engines look for ways to improve their search results while marketers and website owners look for the techniques that help them rank at or near the top of the results. Despite these changes, though, there remains both on page and off page factors to consider when embarking on your search optimisation campaign.

On page SEO is often thought of as being the writing of keyword optimised content and while this may be true, at least to an extent, it is far from being the only factor to consider on your website and your individual pages.

On Page SEO

On page SEO is so called because it concerns actions that you take on the pages of your own site. The implementation of code, the addition of sitemaps, and the inclusion of high quality multimedia content can all be considered forms of on page optimisation because they help your website rank well and they are actions performed on the pages of your site.

In contrast, off page SEO is most commonly seen as being the building or development of links. Specifically, this may mean using techniques like guest blogging and social media marketing to help develop the links.

Coding, Compliance, And Accessibility

If you are in the process of creating a new website then you should ensure that the site is developed using clean and compliant code. Search engines have got a lot better at indexing and they are better equipped to deal with a whole manner of different technologies but the easier you make it for search engine spiders, the less chance you have of running into problems later.

You also need to ensure that the pages of your website are accessible by all. Whether you are considering visually impaired readers or those that are accessing your site on a mobile phone screen, you should ensure that everybody has the same level of access so as not to restrict your market and potentially irk large groups of potential visitors.

Website Structure

The structure of your website is important. Using appropriate page titles, produce names, and category descriptions not only helps ensure that your website visitors can find their way around without getting overly confused but these names can also help improve your search positions.

Ensure all pages, which includes product pages, are well titled and, if you have a lot of products, then do make sure that they are categorised. Give categories their own description and their own pages and you may pick up some long tail traffic here too.

Using Your On Page SEO To Improve Off Page Results

On page optimisation is only half the battle but if you can create compelling website content that is easy to navigate and can be accessed by anybody you can help with your off page optimisation too. The best quality content will encourage other website owners to link to your own pages and this, in turn, means improved search ranking position.

Ideally, you should start thinking about search optimisation as soon as your site is developed but it is never too late to implement on page SEO and to start developing links in a bid to improve your search ranking position. Start today and remember that search engines rank pages, not websites, so you should have a separate plan for each page.

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