There are many social media websites and social networks. While Facebook is widely considered the place to meet and converse with friends and social contacts, LinkedIn is touted as being the professional social network. Everything from your profile to your advertising campaign will have a greater onus on professional services, job titles, and similarly professional attributes.

Targeting Your Audience

LinkedIn Advertising can prove very beneficial if you are targeting professionals. The site has nearly 200 million users and as well as being able to narrow your target audience down by location (there are many UK users on LinkedIn) you can also target specific people according to their job title, salary levels, and more. You can target IT decision makers within a specific industry that are located in a particular area of the UK, if you wish, giving you access to highly targeted leads.

Discuss your target audience with Big Red Rocket and we will work with LinkedIn advertising metrics to deliver on these requirements.

Creating Your Ad

As with any display advertising technique, the performance of your campaign will be determined largely according to the quality and effectiveness of your advertising copy. The more targeted the copy and the better its quality, the more likely that people will be to click the link and become a qualified lead.

Big Red Rocket can craft compelling ad copy designed to convert readers into visitors and visitors into paying customers.

Campaign Optimisation And Improvement

Once your advertising campaign is up and running it is important that it is monitored carefully and closely. This will help ensure that every aspect of you campaign has the best chance of success and if anything changes with regards to your target market and your results, it is possible to make amendments quickly and effectively to ensure that you do not lose out.

Big Red Rocket will monitor your LinkedIn Advertising campaign to ensure that everything continues to run smoothly and effectively and to continue to improve on results.

What Next?

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