January 15, 2013 Richard Hartley

Landing Page Optimisation Tips And Techniques

Whether you’re embarking on SEO or a PPC campaign, or any other form of marketing for that matter, one of the most important aspects that will help determine the success of that marketing is how well optimised your landing pages are. The landing page is the page that visitors land on when they arrive on your site and ensuring that it is optimised will help improve conversion rates, reduce bounce rates, and increase sales and profit figures for these pages.

Matching Content To Visitors

In short, optimising your landing page means ensuring that the content matches the desires and requirements of your web page visitors. You need to determine what these desires and requirements are before providing targeted and relevant content, ensuring visitors have a reason to stay on the page, and then including a Call To Action and guiding your visitors through the process so that they click on the link and complete the purchasing process.

A Problem Free Landing Page

Ensure there are no errors or problems on the landing page. If the page itself does not load, images are broken, or links direct to incorrect pages, then you will be losing sales as a result. You could be paying a lot of money to have visitors delivered directly to your website only for them to click the exit button and leave your website immediately upon arriving.

Consider page load times, whether links are working or not, and any other page elements to be certain that everything works efficiently and as promised.

Deliver On Promises Made

When you advertise, you are making a promise to your potential website visitors. If you promise to deliver a 25% reduction for those that click through your ad or you offer information on a specific topic then you should ensure that you deliver this information.

Consider what your visitors will be expecting and what you have led them to expect and then make sure that you deliver on this promise to them. This way, you will have a greater chance of enjoying really high conversion rates.

Define A Clear And Accurate Call To Action

Make sure you have a clear Call To Action. Most pages can include more than one CTA. You may have a button that users click in order to proceed with a purchase or a form that collects names and email addresses for newsletter or mailing list.

There are many different types of CTA and there is nothing to say that you can only use a single CTA per page. Don’t force every single action on to a single page or a single section but if there is genuine reason to encourage people to email or a valid path to purchase then include the relevant links and buttons.

Optimising Landing Pages

Making sure you deliver on your promises, offer high quality content that is thoroughly and fully optimised, and being certain that there are no restrictions on the page itself that prevent your website visitors from being able to make purchases and perform other, clearly defined actions, you will enjoy the best possible conversion and profit figures.

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