October 29, 2012 Richard Hartley

Is Social Media Good For SEO ?

The biggest seo mantra is “content is king” and a subject which causes most website owners the biggest headache. But when you write your compelling copy or content how does it get found quickly. This is where your social media strategy comes into play.

You can spend thousands on creating the most beautiful website but unless it gets visitors then how can you convert those visits into sales?

I hope it comes as no surprise that the search engines need your website to have plenty of content so they can understand what your website is there for. There is little point in having great imagery and functionality if Google can’t tell what it is all about. In its rawest form a picture is just a file name. Google can’t tell what the picture is unless you describe it by an alt tag.

Let’s take it that you have found the time to write say one great article per week and get it published on your website; how do you get it noticed?

You have two main choices. The first is to publish it and hope that Google will crawl it quickly and index it. That you have dealt with your on page seo by making it keyword rich. Hoping that you have got those keywords right for the searches your visitors will be making. From here you are reliant in your visitors making those searches and finding your article.

The second and complimentary method is submitting or social bookmarking your article with the major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc.

Your visitors are likely to be members of at least one of the major social networks and if they are linked to you then a link to your article will appear in their time line. If your article title is interesting to them, they will click the link and find themselves on your website.

Sounds simple. Well at its base level it is.

A little known fact is that the social networks themselves have search facilities built in. They themselves are starting to be secondary search engines and there is an implied level of trust when their members make their searches.

Also by making such a social bookmark you are creating a natural back link to your website from a high PR domain that Google respects and will credit to your website. SEO TIP make sure that any social bookmark you make has a link to your home page or landing page.

Another key aspect is that of information sharing. If the content of your article is good enough then your those people you have shared your article with will share it with their members. This means that your article and your website will get much more coverage than you could imagine.

There is a good reason why the most successful websites use social media, not only for visitor engagement but for getting their message out there.

So in answering the question “is social media good for SEO?” the answer has to be more than yes, it is essential.


Richard Hartley is a highly respected and senior SEO at Big Red Rocket.

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