February 4, 2013 Richard Hartley

My SEO Soufflé Has Sunk. What Is The New Recipe?

Over the past few months, SEO and digital marketing blogs have been overflowing with commentary on the changes implented by Google and the effects it has had for all website owners. The old methods of SEO are out and we are now looking towards a blended solution though Search Marketing Integration, or SMI.

Social Media Integration

The general and now agreed view from respected digital marketing and SEO agencies the world over is that SEO strategies have dramatically changed and those that are employing tactics from a year ago will either find no effect or even worse, a detrimental effect. There are some however, who have not heeded the advice and the mutterings of “those in the know” and are now finding their Google rankings sinking like a poorly cooked soufflé.

We must look beyond these algorithmic changes and realise that these updates have not been a tweek but a dramtic strategic shift to how websites are developed, promoted and optimised. There has been such a reliance on developing backlinks that website owners have lost the real purpose of the Internet, that being the publication and distribition of useful, quality content.

My Soufflé Has Sunk. What Is The New Recipe?

With their latest updates Google has returned to its hayday of the 1990s. As I have mentioned in many publications, Google was originally deemed as the first contextual search engine. It turned the science of search on its head and highlighted the severe deficiencies of meta based search engines. Right from the start Google promoted the practice of good quality, unique content but somehow so many lost their way and decided that corner cutting SEO was the way forward.

But where does this leave SEO and all the clever techniques that could be employed. The skills for optimisation still exist and are vital to any successsful online operation. What has happened is that the more nefarious side has been taken away and we are left with an industry that will thrive on hard work, professionalism and expertise. There is no cheap way to optimise a website and no quick fix. Website architecture, content publication and distribution are all fundamental to an effective and succesful website. However, there are further factors such as social media, visitor engagement and author rank that need to underpin any effective campaign.

These dramatic updates and changes in practice have altered SEO so much that many agencies and commentators are starting to see that the industry is not what it was a year ago. Neither are the services that are provided. SEO is just part of the digital marketing exercise as a whole. There is so much more to consider, even introducing real world marketing through more traditional forms of media as a complement to the online work.

What Now?

When we start to consider SEO and digital marketing we must take a more holisitic approach. We must consider how a website functions in the real world and the benefits it can bring. There needs to be an increase in how websites and their visitors interact and through a variety of mediums. This is where SEO ends and SMI begins. It truly is time to integrate new search marketing strategies and get the best from all worlds.

In later articles I shall look at the different elements that make up SMI and how best to gain the leverage for your website.

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Richard Hartley is the head of SEO at Big Red Rocket and is a key exponent on SEO Manchester.

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