November 30, 2012 Richard Hartley

Google Points Out Facebook’s Failings

You may not know it but Facebook, despite having 1 billion users, or roughly one eighth of the world’s population registered on their website, are doing things very wrong. That is, at least the opinion of the Vice President of one of the newest social networks on the block; a certain Google+. Bradley Horowitz has said that Facebook is a “social network of the past” and that their use of advertising in your feeds is akin to a man with a sandwich board joining in your private conversations.

Google+ Launch

The launch of Google+ was met with scepticism in many parts. For, whilst Google has enjoyed blatant success in the search engine, mobile phone, and browser departments it has also had to endure some tricky failures too. Google Answers, Wave, and perhaps more worryingly the social media based websites of Buzz and Jaiku are just some of the higher profile examples of heavily touted Google Projects that have fallen by the wayside.

Google+ Success

It was with trepidation, indifference, and a healthy dose of naysaying, then, that Google +1 and Google+ launched to the world. However, some 19 months on the service has now attracted 400 million users with 100 million logging on at least every month. The site has seen the likes of President Obama and even the Muppets holding hangouts for all and sundry too so while some of the jury members may still be out and the decision is not quite unanimous, Google is certainly enjoying their greatest social networking success to date.

What’s Wrong With Facebook Then?

Buoyed by this success, VP of the social networking site Bradley Horowitz has spoken out about what he believes to be Facebook’s failings. He has said that Facebook is a social network of the past and it is the intrusive ads that they serve to their members that is killing the site off. In particular, it would seem that the search giant executive has a problem with ads that appear in users’ Facebook feeds describing this as being like a man with a sandwich board getting in the middle of a personal conversation.

Google’s Getting It Right

Unsurprisingly, as well as flaming Facebook, Horowitz indicated that Google+ did things the right way. He said that social recommendations, such as those provided by Google+ and thanks to the Google system, are a much better way of doing things. He says that they are very valuable to users without being intrusive.

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