When it comes to Google Advertising there are, in fact, many different ways in which you can leverage the incredible power and following that Google has amassed over the years. Organic search results can generate long term traffic with excellent returns on investment while the Adwords Pay Per Click program offers instant targeted traffic and Google+ may be one of the latest social media entries but it already carries a lot of weight.

Pay Per Click

The Sponsored Ads at the top and on the side of the Google search results pages are a part of the Pay Per Click program which is called Adwords. You can feature your ad here, as well as on the massive network of display advertising sites that are part of the Google programme. You pay the agreed price whenever somebody clicks your ad. It is important to ensure landing pages are optimised, ads are top quality, and keywords are carefully monitored and chosen.

Big Red Rocket can deal with all of these aspects to help ensure the best possible results for your website and your advertising programme.

Organic Search

The natural, or organic search results, are those that appear below the first set of sponsored ads. You don’t pay to have your website featured here and Google employs algorithms which take hundreds of factors about your site into consideration, to help compile this list and ensure that they offer the best possible pages to their own users.

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Google+ was introduced to mixed reviews but it has amassed 235 million users that are said to be active on a monthly basis. Google+ ties into many other Google properties and so it is likely that it will continue to increase in popularity although it remains to be seen whether it will ever reach the same levels as Facebook. It should, however, form a part of your social media marketing efforts if nothing else.

Big Red Rocket can incorporate Google+ into a social media marketing campaign designed to attract new, fresh leads to your website.

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