Facebook has more than one billion active users, as of the end of 2012, and this means that businesses ignore the social network at their own peril. Many organisations have failed to enjoy the kind of success they expect from such a large potential market but with the help of a team of professional advertisers and marketing professionals, like Big Red Rocket, it is possible to enjoy a steady stream of regular and targeted leads.

Free Or Paid Marketing

You can incorporate Facebook into your social media marketing plan. You can integrate your Facebook profile into your website, encourage readers and visitors to travel back and forth, and not pay a penny in advertising costs. Alternatively, you can set up a dedicated business page, create compelling ads including images, and then pay to have them included on the website.

Big Red Rocket offers assistance in the establishment and running of both types of Facebook advertising programme to suit your requirements, whatever they may be.

Identifying Your Audience

Whether you pay for ads or not, you should first identify the audience that you are targeting. There are more than a billion people that use Facebook on a monthly basis so you can afford to be rigorous in how you whittle this number down. Use location, demographics, and other statistics to help ensure that you access only the most relevant audience.

Big Red Rocket can establish a Facebook advertising campaign that is designed to give you targeted visitors.

Creating The Perfect Ad

You will need to create the perfect ad if you want to attract leads. Facebook has quite strict rules on what is and what is not allowed and, as well as ensuring that you meet these guidelines, you should also ensure that your ad content is compelling and ready to convert. There are many factors to consider, especially considering the brevity of the ad that is on offer.

Ads created by Big Red Rocket are designed to appeal to your potential market, ensuring that you have the greatest opportunity of success.

What Next?

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