When we talk about search engines we typically refer to Google, simply because they are the largest of all the search engines. They are responsible for the majority of searches conducted around the world. However, businesses dismiss the likes of Bing at their peril. While the Microsoft owned search engine may play second fiddle, they still attract around 5% of global market share which is billions of searches every week.

Why Bing?

Bing is the second most popular search engine in the world and its results are used by Yahoo and various other search engines too. It has remained popular despite Microsoft being forced to offer a variety of other search engines as alternatives to its new PC owners. What’s more, with the combined might of Yahoo and Bingo paid search networks, this too represents a sizeable market share. Putting all of your eggs in one Google shaped basket can be risky especially with major updates and changes likely to be ahead.

Big Red Rocket can promote your website in all of the major search engines and PPC programmes.

Organic Search Marketing

Organic search remains the most popular form of online marketing because it attracts highly targeted visitors and very handsome returns on marketing investment. Fortunately, optimising for Google and Bing is possible and organic and paid search are certainly not mutually exclusive either.

The Big Red Rocket team can help you to improve your search engine ranking position in both Bing and Google, giving you greater exposure and improved search traffic figures.

Paid Ad Placement

Bing also offers paid ad placements. These appear on the search pages and on numerous other websites. You can ensure that your ad only appears on targeted pages and you only pay when somebody clicks on the ad so that you can closely control the amount that you spend on Bing advertising.

The Big Red Rocket team are experts at establishing, monitoring, and maintaining high quality paid advertising as well as organic search campaigns.

What Next?

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