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A website is your shop front and the first impression as to how your customers view your business.

It is your first opportunity to get your message and brand across to people who are searching for a business like yours.

But the shop front is just the first step as most visitors now expect a website of substance, with great images and valuable content that will enhance their experience.

And it is with that enhancement that the chances of a sale, enquiry or contact being made is dramatically increased.

In dealing with your new web design project, the first thing we want to do is understand you, your business and the type of message you want to get across.

Is your website for information, news, an industry authority, for sales or continued visitor engagement?




SEO has had some bad press over the years and this in mainly in regard to Google and the other major search engines canning their metrics to combat manipulative, short cut tactics that have been used to gain websites an advantage.

As the algorithms are getting smarter, the ability to get around the search engine guidelines has gotten ever smaller and it has come back to where it always should have been.

And that is a lot of hard work from highly skilled people.

The idea behind SEO is that a website is optimised to allow it to be highly crawlable and readable by the search engine spiders.

From there the website needs to be indexed within the search engine databases properly so that its relevance to the search terms being made can be assessed and applied.

And SEO is not just a one time thing. It needs to be constant with the website being update on a regular basis with fresh, unique and relevant content.



The lifeblood of any website is its content and as you may have been continually reading on Google, content is king for website optimisation.

However, we go a little further than producing content for content’s sake and take time to understand what type of voice you want to project through your published content.

Many forward thinking website owners have developed blogging platforms within their websites for easy content publication and distribution.

Blogging goes beyond that content which is designed for the main website pages and allows the website to be steered through subject matter and creative writing.

Google and the other major search engines have made it quite clear that unique, relevant and regular content publication is a key metric to how a website is ranked within their search engine results pages.




Selling online though a website has provided many businesses with a route to untapped market places overnight.

The fact that retail premises aren’t required and customers can place their orders safely and securely, 24 hours a day has meant an exponential growth for businesses world wide.

Big Red Rocket is well placed to advise and deliver highly functional and usable e commerce solutions to fit most budgets.

And the way we develop e commerce solutions, they are able to grow and expand as your business does.

From niche online vendors to department store type internet shops, Big Red Rocket has the experience and reputation to deliver your e commerce solution on time and on budget.